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The History Of Atlantic Seafood Fish Market & Restaurant

After years of farming and horse trading, Leslie and Mary Loper were credited with opening the first swap shop in the area around 1948. It prospered for many years supporting our family and helping people in many ways. After Les passed away Mary continued to enjoy running the swap shop with the help of her daughter Maryann.

Over time the popularity of yard sales was growing and the business was changing so the decision was made to move on. With the swap shop now just a fond memory, Maryann’s husband, George began to build and sell lobster pots to the fishing community. In just a few years the business took off and the public started knocking on the door wanting to buy lobsters and other seafood. Naturally, George and Maryann decided to embark on a new chapter and open a Seafood Market.

One day an elderly gentleman came in to buy a large lobster for his wife’s birthday. He didn’t want her to have to cook on her birthday, so he asked Maryann if she would cook it for him. Maryann being the softy that she is said yes, but please don’t tell anyone because we are not supposed to cook any products. He was very convincing in assuring her he wouldn’t say a word. As you might suspect the next day two more people came in and asked if they could get cooked lobsters.

Well that was many moons ago and as you can see it has continued to evolve with the help of our family, friends and patrons. But if it wasn’t for the elderly gentleman that couldn’t keep a secret, Atlantic Seafood would not be what it is today.

Atlantic Seafood Fish Market

We do pride ourselves in carrying only the top of the line seafood and always make it a goal to support local and sustainable fishing. Our clammer, John Murphy is a retired teacher and has been with us for over ten years. Paul from great Gun oysters has been a substantial addition to our team. He believes in producing the best product while doing anything he can to uphold the future of the bay.

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